Pureum Jin The Real Blue Album Review


Pureum Jin The Real Blue Album Review

Back in 2012 up and coming saxophonist Pureum Jin was recognized as a rising star by Korean magazine Jazz People. Before even having a studio album her talents were foresaw as having the potential to carry over into being the next great saxophonist from South Korea. Now she is based in New York and with that has released "The Real Blue," her first studio album and without a doubt the album meant to solidify her as just that. An interesting fact about the title of this record is that it comes from the translation of her name in Korean. Made even more interesting by the significance of the word blue in jazz music. This record also has a stacked lineup to assist Pureum Jin including pianist and producer Jeremy Manasia, drummer Willie Jones 3, Luke Sellick on bass, and Sabeth PĂ©rez on vocals. Together creating an album unfeigned in expressing the adversity it took to get here.

Of course nothing comes easy when moving to a new country and that is what she did. She had to learn a new language to further pursue a deeper understanding of music through studies at schools like the Manhattan School Of Music, she had become a parent, and after all the tribulations she had to get past in her journey, she was ready to put together an album that was true to her. That album was "The Real Blue" and this is the sound of struggle and perseverance. Her story is clear on tracks like "Trembling Forward" and "The Song Of Silence." Her inspirations come from nature and personals events in her life and influences from jazz greats like John Coltrane. Influenced, yet original. She expresses a lifetime of events through her sax and with the help of the lineup, pulls together everything to make this one of the best jazz records of the year so far. Watch for what she does next in her career, she has gained confidence and puts her soul into every note.

Rating 9/10